Whether you want to virtually run and explore you own country, or are keen to virtually travel abroad, we have a map and journey just for you. With EIGHT maps to choose from, we have a distance and a location to suit EVERYONE. Along the way we will motivate and inspire you, educate and engage you. Select YOUR map and start YOUR journey today.


Designed in 2014, Australia was the first country to be added to Run The World – a concept that originated with an excel spreadsheet, 750 inaugural members and an amazing concept to virtually run around the country. The original map covers 14,080kms and passes through 96 towns and every state and territory of Australia. An additional map is unlocked once you have completed this journey with a further 15,490kms to tick off.

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One of our smaller maps and arguably one of the most scenic. New Zealand is small in many ways, but large in scenery and culture. The journey across both the North Island of NZ and the South Island will see you track through 46 towns and cities, pass historic glaciers and magnificent mountains, and complete the 4,710km journey in the famous town of Christchurch.


Run the Great White North explores the vast and diverse landscape of Canada, by passing through 11 of the 13 provinces and territories that make up the world’s 2nd largest country. Your 16,390km journey will see you virtually pass through 112 towns and cities, each with their own piece of history and beauty. Finishing in the Capital city of Ottawa will be your reward for years of dedication and commitment.

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Originally part of our Run around Europe Map, Run UK & Ireland was split in late 2019. No, it wasn’t part of Brexit, it was to make the Run the world journey more achievable for everyone. Our smallest map at 3,890kms, it offers a more achievable goal for those who don't rack up the big kilometres. Covering England, Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, one must pass through 29 towns and cities to arrive at the finish line in Dover.


Launched in 2016, Run around Europe is our most diverse. It originally included the UK and Ireland, but in late 2019 was split to become a stand alone map. To complete this epic journey that totals 17,390kms, you will need to pass through 30 countries and 130 towns and cities to the finish line in Paris.

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Launched in 2016, Run around USA will see you pass through 108 town and cities across 34 states, including an 889 mile lap around the magical state of Alaska. Starting in Pittsburgh and finishing in Washington DC, Run around USA is 10,670 miles in length, and an amazing way to virtually visit the varying landscapes and cultures that make up this amazing country.


Our penultimate map created as part of Run The World visits 10 countries in East Asia. A 15,730km journey that will provide a virtual tour through many cultures, landscapes and time zones. Whilst making your way through 114 towns and cities, you will be amazed at the variety you will experience, and the history that you will discover along your journey. Starting in Singapore and finishing in Japan, this adventure is one that will leave you wanting for more!

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The final map to be added to Run The World stretches for 22,900 km. WARNING – this is a massive map to complete, with huge distances between towns and cities. Your journey begins in Cape Town, South Africa and finishes in Magadan, Russia. The route requires no flights and no ferries, as any land masses that are separated by water are connected by bridges…. or we make you walk across the Sahara Desert, or across the frozen Aldan River! Recognised as the world’s longest uninterrupted walk, you will pass through 18 countries and 6 time zones along the way.